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How Scammers Are Stealing Food Stamps From Struggling Americans

Thieves are using skimmers to drain millions in food stamps and other public benefits from the neediest Americans.
The New York Times

The San Joaquin Water Bandit

In drought-stricken California, one man allegedly siphoned off $25 million in water from the state’s prized canal system.
Popular Mechanics

Can You Buy a House in Your 20s?

​How some Gen Z-ers are making it happen.
The New York Times

The Struggle to Pay for Food

Profile of three Kentuckians facing food insecurity amid welfare cuts.
The Guardian

The Skim Scam

A look inside the low-tech, high-stakes world of defrauding families on welfare
Bloomberg Businessweek

Is California Giving its Methane Digesters Too Much Credit?

The controversial math behind climate accounting in agriculture.

Caught in the Climate War

Profile of a young environmental activist facing deportation for civil disobedience.
The Nation

Pumped Dry

How a drought relief program caused a groundwater crisis in Oregon.
High Country News 

“They’re not numbers. They’re human beings.”

Profile of a man who has become an unexpected guardian for thousands of asylum seekers.
The Guardian